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Welcome to SKILOTECH OVERSEAS, one of the leading company in India, primarily engaged in the activities of Manpower Recruitment and Development to various Gulf Countries.
Ours is a professional recruitment firm providing fast and quality hiring solutions to Middle East countries.

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  • Just like to say a big thank you for the quick help & support I got over on the UT support forum. I have been able to do some tweaks to the header area and got the perfect layout for my needs with some excellent guidance from the UT team.
  • Just a HUGE thanks to the United Themes team for being so helpful in their forums. For those who wonder why UT usually asks for questions to be directed to the forum, it’s because it’s much easier to track various issues. There’s a good chance your question was answered because someone else asked it. The UT team has been extremely patient and helpful for this non-coder. I’ve had to wrestle with a few things, but UT has been alongside me every step of the way. It really is a gorgeous theme and your website WILL stand out from other sites. I highly recommend it.

    MRMaguire, Aries Theme

  • Hi UT, I work with the aries theme now 2 weeks to bring my portfolio online and I`m very happy with this huge theme – thanx very much, it is wonderful!!!

    Der_schratti, Aries Theme

  • Thanks for the template now after a month working on it I see how great it is. Thank you again.

    Amcodebrazil , Aries Theme

  • Hello UnitedThemes. I use the theme “Passion Reloaded” so why not by his little brother. ;) This one will be a best seller. Ok for 5 stars. I highly recommend it. I wish you good luck for the sales. Mike

    Bourreaumikeok, Aries Theme

  • I was Going to get a refund but that would have been the biggest mistake this theme is best theme EVER !!!!!.

    AvoidErrors, Passion-Reloaded Theme

  • This theme is awesome, really easy to use and makes a really nice clean site. I’m new to and when ever I’ve had any problems in making something look how I want it to Marce the developer of the theme has been quick to respond and resolve my problems. I highly recommend it.

    Alongworth, Passion-Reloaded Theme

  • Omg! Why the hell this beauty is rated 4! This says that…, some times we should not go by rating…but go by seeing it ourselves. People who are going by rating, you can, but not for this. This has to be rated “5 -Stars” and also it has to be priced higher…! It appears somebody went wrong understanding the theme properly and rated it 4…which is easier to use and understand actually…! Its higly recommended theme….You could do just about any thing… Trust me…! Thank God I’ve purcased it before some body has rated it 4. I repeat, This is absolutely “5-star” Product…! Don’t go by rating please have a look by yourself and you’ll love it and I’m damn confident that you’ll rate it “5 star”...

    Vijay-kumar, Passion-Reloaded Theme

  • Just wanted to say… I’ve made a lot of purchases on Themeforest. This one has been my best experience so far. The theme works great and the few little wishes I’ve had that weren’t present were QUICKLY implemented by the authors. I’m very impressed with the support they’re providing and the quality of the theme. Would buy this theme or other stuff from these authors again in a heartbeat.

    Jasonh1234, Strange Theme

  • Five stars for this theme. Awesome design and great, quick support. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot to the UnitedThemes team.

    Studiio, Ruskin Theme

  • United Themes not only makes an incredible template, but they were right there for me when I had a question. I would highly recommend them. I can’t believe I got such an amazing and quality template for what they charged. It was the best deal I have had in a while.

    Lemonboy, Strange Theme

  • You guys offer the best support and products!

    Dfcrone, Ruskin Theme