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Selection Procedure

Understand Your Needs
As your demand reaches us one of our experienced staff will be contacting you or if needed will meet you personally to discuss about your requirement. There are two options for recruitment procedures, one is we will take responsibility for the entire recruitment and other is the client interview.
Recruitment Procedure 1
  • The stringent selection procedure adopted by our professional Selection Board comprising of highly qualified Engineers, Doctors and Selection Executives ensures that we deliver exactly what our clients require. Skilotech Overseas has realized the need and the importance of choosing the right people in an organization. Skilotech Overseas does not want to be another recruitment agency but an extension or an associate of a company's Human Resource Department. After all we are entrusted to handle manpower, the most valuable asset of our clients.
  • Skilotech Overseas has constituted a team combined with highly qualified and experienced managers and interviewers to make the whole process of recruitment as systematic as possible. What makes recruitment at Skilotech Overseas so effective is the methodology we have adopted. We start working by understanding your organization first. Skilotech Overseas wants to know your work culture, your short and long term business goals and the expectations you have from your employees.
  • We have the capacity to supply any category of people, be it highly qualified Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Chartered Accountants for senior positions, or be it skilled/un-skilled laborers. Skilotech has always successfully identified the right man for the job to the complete satisfaction of both the employer and the employee.
  • The quality and the talent of our recruits have elevated Skilotech to be leading international human resource consultants. Now we are spreading our wings to all other countries too.
Recruitment Procedure 2
  • Apart from the well-compiled and vast data bank, advertising is one of the major means of inviting applications for a post. In consultation with the clients, a comprehensive advertisement plan is drawn up to acquire applications from qualified prospective candidates
  • At Skilotech Overseas, we think, interviewing means a healthy dialogue between two individuals whereby the candidate is encouraged to bring forward his hidden talents and potential. In short the interviews help the employer to identify and recruit a completely loyal, dedicated, hard working and sincere work force in any business venture.
  • Skilotech Overseas also has the capability to conduct technical trade tests for the applicants, medical examination, documentation and other Government formalities required in connection with overseas employment.
  • The end result of all these lead towards the employers getting the right candidates in all aspect, to do the job.
  • Nature of Project for which personnel are required
  • Category of personnel and essential skills needed
  • The number of personnel in each category
  • The minimum qualification and experience required for the personnel
  • A detailed job description for each category
  • The minimum salary offered
  • The duration of the contract
  • Any other specifications,if required.
  • On getting the above information, we process the same and are in a position to immediately inform our clients on the availability of personnel. In case, where there is a modification of requirements on behalf of our clients, we make sure the same is taken into account and processed again. All these are completed in a time frame not exceeding 24 hours
  • To protect our client interest, we are meticulous in making every provision required. We ensure that we receive a Power of Attorney and Demand Letter attested by the Indian Embassy in the country where the personnel are required. Additionally, original visas and work agreements for individual personnel are obtained from our clients.
  • Providing visas for the personnel required is solely the responsibility of our clients.
  • An essential part of our service is to facilitate our clients in whatsoever manner we can obtain the vital documents. Thus ensuring complete protection to our clients and also the personnel we recruit.
Deployment of personnel
  • Once we have all the required information from our clients, we subject all candidates for recruitment through a stringent selection test. To ensure speed and convenience, we have a massive data bank of about 1500 personnel in different faculties, whom we can contact immediately.
  • Most often, because of our highly professional reputation and superior infrastructure, our clients entrust us with the responsibility of selection and mobilization of the selected personnel to the area of work. This naturally saves a lot of time for our clients. Further, we make sure that our client have every details of the selected personnel and selection procedure. All correspondence is done by first class courier, fax & email.
  • However, for those who desire to send their own delegates for the interviews and other selection procedure we can help in the following aspects:
  • Make hotel reservation for the delegates as per the advice of the client.
  • Arrangement for receiving the delegates at the airport and provide transportation during their stay.
  • Take care of all the other facilities that they require for the smooth and speedy selection of workers.